The Albatross

There are so many great cycle touring blogs out there. (I am currently enjoying That Emily Chappell.) We’ve committed to writing a blog, too. But I wonder…What could I possibly have to say that hasn’t already been said by many much more eloquent than me?

Two weeks ago we bought our domain name. Last week we painstakingly pointed the web host to the domain name and set up an email address. Now, at a lumaca’s pace, we’re learning how to build a website using WordPress. But honestly, that will be the easy stuff. Once it’s done, it’s done. It’s like a DIY project around the house. You tear something apart, fix all the bits, put it back together, lovingly paint it a beautiful two-tone whatever, and voila! you’ve got a beautiful finished product you can sit back and admire for years to come.

But filling a website with Content, now that’s another story. That’s more like Cooking. (Another dreaded C word.) You spend hours creating a succulent meal, scarf it down in minutes, and just a few hours later you’re hungry again. And what? No leftovers?

A blog demands Content nearly as often as my voracious appetite – and we haven’t even begun cycling yet!  So why did we commit to a blog anyway? Cuz all the cool cycle tourists do it! Don’t they? Well, how would we know? Since we’re not yet officially cycle tourists, we don’t have to worry about being cool just yet. Even so, we’ve Committed (a third C word!) to everybody that we’re going to maintain a blog, which we hope will help hold us accountable. And to help us remember why we’re doing this, here are our reasons for blogging:

  • To remind our future selves of all the details of our trip that we would otherwise undoubtedly forget.
  • To keep friends and family up-to-date more easily; otherwise we’d have to recount our adventures again and again in email updates. So, this is actually supposed to be a time saver rather than a time sink.
  • To develop a huge following, sell advertising, and retire rich. (JK!)

Whew! Another post down. So, what’s for dinner?